Orbit is a spectacular virtual earth, a weather app and a world clock in one. With Orbit, you have the world in your pocket! Explore our beautiful planet in magnificent, live 3D while it slowly spins through space. Fly around the earth in your own virtual satellite, watch the sun rise and set, see the city lights come on at night!.

Orbit is great fun to play with, but it is much more than a toy. It gives you instant access to the time and weather of over 137.000 major cities worldwide, including a detailed 10-day forecast. Show a world clock of all your favourite cities, then go there with a simple tap on the screen.

NASA and NOAA satellite images are used to show near-realtime clouds. Adjust the cloud layer to get a better view of the geography. You can even zoom in to take a closer look and see the mountains cast a shadow at sunset.

Now available for BlackBerry 10


Orbit contains a 3D model of Earth and the Sun. It displays a brilliant view of our planet from space, including up-to-date cloud cover and city lights. Fly around the planet, zoom in and out, head north or south to see the poles. The position of the earth relative to the sun is scientifically accurate, showing correct sunrise, sunset and angles throughout the year. Tweak the view by adjusting sunlight, moonlight and more.

Get the latest weather conditions with sleek weather icons of 137.000 major cities. Get a 10-day weather forecast from ECMWF, the most accurate weather service in the world. The scrolling forecast chart shows temperature and rainfall in one easy-to-understand infographic. Choose your favourite units of measurements.

Show your favourite cities, including a world clock with timezones. Add cities by name, then just tap to go there. Of course, Daylight Saving Time (summer-time) is automatically taken into account.

Tweak your view of our planet with the handy sliders. Fine-tune sunlight, moonlight, cloud transparancy and colour saturation. You can also choose a 12 or 24-hour clock and change your units for temperature, pressure, rainfall and windspeed.



  • Stunning 3D earth simulation
  • Near realtime cloud satellite images from NASA and NOAA
  • World clock and latest weather for 137.000+ major cities worldwide
  • Detailed 10-day forecasts from the worlds most accurate weather service
  • Sleek weather icons, detailed current conditions, sunrise & sunset and scrolling forecast graph
  • Active frame with time & weather, updates when minimized
  • Scientifically accurate earth orbit, rotation, sunrise, sunset, angles
  • Show a world clock of your favourite cities
  • Adjust sunlight, moonlight, cloud layer, colour
  • Define your Home city, favourite cities
  • Search city by name
  • Hardware-accellerated, high-resolution graphics
  • Share via BBM, Facebook, Twitter, e-mail and more
  • Compatible with all Z10, Q10, Q5, Z30 BlackBerry 10 smartphones
  • Find the city closest to your current location
  • Night-time city lights
  • Settings for 12/24-hour clock, temperature, pressure, wind speed and more
  • Detailed and fun built-in Help